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Fall Damage too much
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Issues with fall damage. I am finding if i fall from a 1 story building the chances of me breaking my legs are Very high. As a realism issue i thought i would report this. i know this is probably a low priority at this stage but it should definitely be looked at. so many times i've fallen from 1 story and broken a leg and die from a two story. Surely it should be nothing for one story or percentage change to sprain and ankle. From 2 story higher percentage to sprain or break. then 3 story plus being definite break/death.


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jump of a 1 story building or 2 story etc

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I agree, but you should use search function and see this has been reported many times. Rather than start a new report, you can just add a note to an existing report and say that the fall damage is still too high in version 0.37 (or whatever build you are on). This way the website does not become cluttered with duplicate reports. :)

For example, I go to the "view issues" page, type in "fall damage" and click filter, then I sort by ID (this puts oldest threads at top, so you can find the first time this was reported). There I see that <a href="" target="_new"> thread 2590</a> looks like the first thread about fall damage being too high ("legs break too easily"), so I go to that thread and vote up and add note "This is still true in version 0.37".

Then the moderators will see this thread has been updated so they know this is still a problem.

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Thank you i'm new to the reporting system.

Duplicate of #8560 (Falling / Broken Bone Status / Respawn Issues).

Please use the search function to check if an issue already exists before posting a new one.

Refer to the original to provide additional information on the issue.