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Too much blur on increasing distance (Steam Version
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I have all Settings on maximum except the "bloom" and "rotation blur" which are set to minimum.
When i play the game for a while i get headache, because the blurring in the distance is too high. It would be way better if I can turn the blur completely off. Otherwhise you can implement a "fog of war" or such...


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My machine is:
Win 7 x64
Core I7-4770
Nvidia GTX-780
16 GB Ram DDR3-1866
Samsung Evo Pro SSD 256GB

Game Version in Steam: 0.35.115188 and Please provide a Game Version Picker

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Range of Vision is very short and it does get very blurry very quickly as you look out at range. It is annoying to me too, but I don't want a 'fog of war' either. I wish for clear imagery as far as the PC can allow for vision range. I don't want those with monster PCs to have a major advantage over those who have regular PCs, either. So what to do about ranged imagery is tough. Blurring it is, I guess.

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Try disabling Post Process Effects

@R384: this worked for me. I tested it with very low settings and everything is fine for me, thanks!
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