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getting shot at from outside the building while inside
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I was in a military office building on the military base located between Vylor and Kabanino yesterday and took a short break to have a smoke. My character was lying on the floor behind the boxes (the ones under the stairs that go up to the first floor) with vision to the the corridor so if someone would enter the building he would not see me right away and I maybe could defend myself.

Suddenly I start getting hits and I'm taking damage, I get up, turn around and check the corridor but there is no other player visible around me so I was (apparently) getting shot at from outside the building (or an invisible player, but judging the "poor aim" as not every shot was a hit I assume the player was outside the building and not next to me invisible).

side notes:

  • could be some kind of wallhack, but even if someone has vision by using a wallhack, players should not get hit while being inside a building and surrounded by thick concrete.
  • I logged off and relogged to another server, didnt get shot at there.

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most likely duplicate of #2181

As for ArmA III, it is possible to shoot through walls if you have the right weapon and the wall is not too strong. The shot will loose power and thereby will be less lethal.

Since the devs attempt to make DayZ authentic, I would assume such things work pretty much the same way here.