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Game cannot be opened when firefox stops responding in the background.
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If firefox is running in the background and stops responding, Dayz will minimize and cannot be maximized.


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Steps To Reproduce

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Open firefox to a website
  2. Load DAYZ
  3. Select a Server
  4. Enter a game
  5. Play the game
  6. Dayz minimizes
  7. A prompt appears telling you firefox has stopped responding
  8. Click on the Dayz icon to maximize it

Results: The game does not maximize.
Expected Results: The game maximizes.

Additional Information

Note: When the game is maximized the audio still plays but the game does not appear on screen.
Additional Notes: I have not attempted this on other web browsers.
Additional Notes: I am not sure if firefox is causing the crash of if the game is causing firefox to crash.
Additional Notes: The second crash caused me to respawn at the beach when I was by the north airport.

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I had Firefox open in the background a couple of times. I had major errors also. Firefox needed to be restarted and it crashed DayZ. I only saw this once. So I guess I could not duplicate it, so I did not report it. But I agree that there is something there between DayZ and Firefox.