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Gas Lamp Blinding Player and Difficult Nighttime
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When the Gas Lamp is razed infront of the player it entirely blinds the surrounding area. I understand this is to give the realistic effect of eyes dilating so that your vision adjusts for easier viewing. However, the environment should not be entirely black just because a bright lamp is in your face (I figured this is partial graphical glitch, not entirely black by intent).

Also the Gas Lamp when on and carried at night when lowered has this glare that moves around the screen as you move.

Lastly, please make it a priority to allow flashlights to be duct taped to rifles asap. Currently night is too difficult without them or even shooting with a headlamp. It'd make night much more bearable for those that enjoy that experience.

Thanks for viewing :)


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-Raze Gas Lamp when on at night
-Run at night with Gas Lamp Lowered

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(Woulda attached images, but server reset to day while I was writing this. But if you've played at night you'll know of what i'm talking about.)

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It would also be important to note that gas lamps only work on the server you found them on.

I did not know that