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Known Hardcore server is showing up as a regular hive server in the in game server browser
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My server, which I rent off multiplay game servers, and have done since the release of the standalone. Since early January, as soon as multiplay gave the option to change modes, has been a hardcore only server however the server browser, under server type still says the server is normal. The server was originally a normal server, but since the hive split it has been a hardcore server.

I have tried resetting the server to normal and back to hardcore but it still says it is a normal server.
I always connect to my server via the remote IP connect option since I can't get my server to save in favourites.


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Load the dayz server browser, type in my server IP into the remote connect - displays the server as regular/ normal hive when I know for a fact it is a hardcore server.

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Having the same issue, also with multiplay, hardcore server shows as regular when searched for using remote, though does show up as hardcore in the main server list.

Also could not add to favorites from remote, but works from main server list.

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Also some servers appears like hardcore but are regular database