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There have been many instances where knowing what server I was on would have been so epically vital. Or atleast access to a console OR chat server commands would do as well, some kind of last visited column (in server list) would be amazing too. I know its not a very important topic, but there are times where it is astoundingly stupid, for example:

I'm in a server looting (switching backpacks, so literally all my items are in the backpack on the ground) and i get a session timeout. So, I'm like okay nvm ill just reconnect and pick it up, oh wait I DON'T KNOW WHICH SERVER IT WAS! I was panicking trying to remember, I tried about 6 servers from my history but yeah that's pretty populated already which took a whole 20 or so minutes (because of the new timer) all of which were wrong. Which put me in a dangerous position where a zombie was in my face in two of the log attempts, so guess what, i didn't have any bandages cause everything was in the damn bag so the i bleed out looking for bandages and died with gear, oh and here is the kicker, I was using the loot TEST the CONTAINER BUG for you guys.... it took so long to find 4 containers, such a damn mood killer. </rant>


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So yeah, server last visited column would be pretty easy to implement from what I understand, since you already maintain a list of server history.and some ingame command or UI would also be helpful for other situations.

I know its a small issue compared to others but spending a little time on things like this can help us testers move farther to help you move farther.

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