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Wooden sticks need to spawn in the woods, please.
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Please make wooden sticks spawn in the forest, or even better let it act like berries and you can go up to certain trees and pick them from it doing the same animation as picking berries.

Rope is also to rare when the improv backpack should be the first backpack people get, so rope needs to be more abundant and sticks need to be gathered in the forest, that way people feel like they are really surviving more by having to find and craft there backpacks before they can find a real one, which IMO should spawn with low level loot in them,because it makes no sense for them all to be empty.

Sorry for making a suggestion in the bug tracker but I feel like these would help add to the game in a good way.


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That's actually a stupidly good idea! Would really help with broken legs from rocks -_-'

As of this changelog:

and as you might already have found out, you can "Search for kindlings" in the woods.

So, issue resolved. :)