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Players can become invisible
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Experimental 0.37.115791

A player can become invisible to one player but visible to another. When a player becomes invisible, their character (when viewed from a different person) is stuck in one position on the ground moving about mimicking the actions of the invisible person (Running in place, punching, eating, etc.) However, on the invisible person's screen, they appear perfectly normal and have no way of telling they are invisible. The invisible player's avatar may be in different spots for different players and if damage is dealt to the avatar, it will affect the invisible player wherever he is.

My first experience: I first noticed this bug when a friend of mine went to attack a geared player with a weapon in a house. He started axing the guy who immediately ran a few feet away into a room and began to bandage (thinking he was getting hit from the outside), while my friend stood in front of him continuing to axe him wondering why he was behaving so strangely. This continued with the confused player running and looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from until he died.

Second experience: My friend and I were on top of the new police station and I was looking down the spiral staircase. All of a sudden, my friend begins shouting there was a man running up the stairs with an axe yelling at me to shoot. I could not see anyone walk up the stairs and begin getting axed. I ran down the stairs while this invisible person was behind me axing me. I could hear his footsteps and the axe hits but nothing else. I consequently died.

The third experience I captured with video. My cousin became invisible to me and one of my other friends who reported the avatar in different locations that what I was seeing

My friend's avatar is stuck in this position and mimics everything that he is doing on his screen. He was running around in the field by the firehouse in Elektro. As you can see, he picked up a white hard hat from somewhere and it appeared on his avatar. I also had another friend playing who was seeing this avatar in a completely different spot.

I then ran outside and told him to punch the bus stop wall. He is directly in front of me punching it and you can clearly see and hear it but his avatar is still in the building to the left of the screen.

I ran back up to check his body and it moved into that corner.

I punched him to see if it would wound him on his screen and sure enough it did.

Then his avatar made its way out of the building and stopped in the street. He was punching the zombie near the firehouse in the next video.

The invisible man punching the zombie yet his body that I can see is just outside the building.


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I have been unable to reproduce this bug. I will try to record future DayZ sessions in hopes of finding a connection with all the invisible players previous actions.

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My friend, cousin, and I are all on wired connections and have suitable internet connections beyond 80Mbit. We do not experience any desync or other strange type of lag situations when the person is invisible. I've ruled out the new axe position since when my cousin became invisible, he was a fresh spawn with no gear. Maybe there is a connection here with how some zombies can become invisible so if the community can report their experience with this bug, the source of the problem will become easier to detect.

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confirmed, happens my group alot of times.

its random...

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Had this on 0.35.115188 once and it seems to be in more versions. I was seeing a friend right before me while he was running around elsewhere and he could see my position just fine. He couldn't "pick up" his avatar by going through it, as was said on the forums somewhere. I could hit his avatar and he received the damage. He relogged and got a 30 second spawn timer while I could still see his avatar. As soon as he spawned I got disconnected (sadly don't recall the error message) with him now seeing my avatar and after I logged in again (with 30 sec spawn timer) the issue was solved.

[Edit] Seems to be connected to the fighting system as some players report melee attacks with an axe in mid air or on objects solving the issue. Can't confirm it yet though.[/Edit]

IDs of similar bug reports I found (there might be more) with a short description and version number:

  • invisible friend, solved by friend attacking a zombie with an axe or player killing one, 0.35.115188
  • note on the same report player not seeing his friend, solved by attacking wall or door with axe
  • friend constantly going invisible for two players, could attack them while he seemed to be far away, 0.35.115188
  • note on the same report player can't see his friend or hear his gunshots but see the impact and doors being opened by him
  • players friend able to kill and loot a avatar of himself after game crash, duplicating his inventory, player unable to see him upon arriving, can temporarily duplicate items until server change by laying them on the ground and friend as well as him picking them up, 0.32.114557