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When I handcuff or get handcuffed, after unhandcuffing player stays in handcuffed mode. The handcuffed mode locks you out on inventory like it should, but once unhandcuffed you stay handcuffed. You have access to inventory but player has hands behind back as though handcuffed. If you logout and log back in you will be unhandcuffed. {F30427}


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I;ve run into this issue as well, I have not tested it again but i theorize that i was 'trying to break free' while i was being uncuffed; I believe it has to do with being uncuffed while struggling.
Being cuffed and uncuffed a second time fixed the issue for me.

#0008805 is related to this


Screenshot shows a player able to take out his weapon while cuffed.

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Same thing happened to me after my handcuffs were cut off using a hacksaw.