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Ammo-Box (First Aid-Pack) slots to see (6/8)
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Hey Support,
the Ammo-Box hast 8 slots. But to see all slots i have to drop it on the ground because if i have the box ion my Hand there are only 6 slots to see in the bottom in the hand-field.
Is it possible to see all slots if i have the box in my Hand in the future?


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Fill 300 Ammo-Box with different ammo, put it in your hand. Only 6 of 8 slots to see.

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First Aid Kits have 6 slots so it's not a problem when it is in your hands, unless you are trying to put a two-slot item in them as you can't rearrange the kit unless you drop it.

Ammo boxes have 10 slots and in your hands you can only see the first 6 slots, which means you have to drop it on the floor to see all of your stored ammunition.

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ah, same for "first aid kit pack"

8 or 10 ;)
I would like to see all slots (not only 6), if i have it in my hands and not to drop my box, let it glitsh in the wall of a building or wait 1 min until the box is availibe on the bottom if i need the ammo right now.