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Me and my friend got DayZ. I did lots of convincing that its a good game. Yesterday we played for like 2hours together and aquiered some gear including 2 rifles. We both got kicked out (losing connection + countdown timer). Normally nothing special. We both dced and called it a night. Today both our characters have been reset - all equipment gone. There were no zombies or players around when we got the dc afaik. This is the second time this happens to me and the first time to him. The first time i lost a full eqpd character with mosin+LRS. This is getting really annoying. I want to die by gunshots please, And not some heavenly Disconnect-Rest-Force.


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Create char. Wait till dc. Log back in. 30% chance of losing everything i recon.

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We are both sad&frustrated and probably will move to Rust. Not sure about version. Happened yesterday.

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More than likely you where killed in the 30 Secs after log/kick/disconnect. That needs to be changed/looked at, to only be in effect if you have taken any sort of damage or used a weapon within say 3 to 5 mins (Used as in Fired/axed etc or have a kill to your toon).
I'm sure this has happened to me on more than one toon

Duplicate of #0000078 (Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT]).

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