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Server Lost Message Within 5 Minutes of Connecting.
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When I connect to the server, I am unable to stay connected for more than 5 minutes. During this time, I am unable to see myself move inventory around, pick up items, equip items, or open doors. Other players in the vicinity are able to see me complete these tasks. After 2-5 minutes of playing, I either see "no message received from server for x seconds" or "session lost". Upon rejoining the server, I am presented with the 5 minute penalty.


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Game Crash
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Connect to any server and attempt normal game play.

Additional Information

Half of the attempts to connect result in seeing 0 ping, 0 bandwidth, and 0 desync for all players on the server. The other half of attempts appear to show normal ping, bandwidth, and desync stats. There is no pattern to which disconnect message I receive and which player stats appear (0 or normal). Every single attempt to connect leads to a disconnect within 5 minutes.

I do not have any med kits, ammo boxes, or yellow cases in my inventory. I am the only person on this internet connection having this problem (there are 2 others who are able to successfully play on the connection). I have also tried connecting solo without success. We were all able to play simultaneously approx. 2 weeks ago.

I have not lost my character during these attempts to reconnect.

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I think tha game can not still handle 2 or 3 clients with the same internet connection. I think your bug is related to #6970

I still experience this without any other players on the connection.

sparti added a subscriber: sparti.May 8 2016, 5:22 PM

I have the same issue 30 seconds after connecting to a server. The problem started after the last server update. I tried already to validate my configuration but no problems where found and I update battle eye without success. Very annoying, I cannot play anymore.

Problem seems to be similar to 0002741.

Bufallo added a subscriber: Bufallo.May 8 2016, 5:22 PM

Same right here except i lost my character and the stuff 4 or 5 times cause of those issues