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During Gameplay - after any attack (no damage) Vision Blurs - stays Blurred until I go to config and then video - it clears
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When I get attacked and kill the zombie my vision gets blurred (Initially I thought It was due to injury) someone on DayZ suggested when this occurs to go to configure, then video (don't have to change any setting it just sharpens the focus) then exit exit back to gameplay. Not a big deal now that I know how easy it is to fix, but I do have to do it each and every time. On PC Windows 7 64 bit up to date - current video drivers on AMD radeon HD 6800, Intel Core i7 @ 3.07 GHz 18 GB Ram


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While Playing (full health/no injury) see Zombie so attack it with my Splitting Axe, Zombie goes down, whack it a couple times more until it disappears then my vision blurs, hit Esc, then configure then video - the image sharpens, then exit exit back to gameplay. It does this each and everytime started I beleive after the last update. Currently on 0.35.115188 . Thanks

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a duplicate with #8531, I had the same bug

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Yes Similar to my report 0009347, except mine is every time not sometime. It also happens when I sneak up behind a zombie and kill it without the zombie having a chance to turn and attack. I have checked my health, and actually figured that was the issue at first, but health is good. Played over 6 hours like this before hearing about going into the Video Config to clear it. It's not a big deal just an annoyance.