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Gray screen after suffering starvation
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I was close to death after starving to death, though was lucky enough to find something to eat. However, it seems like i will need a blood transfusion (watched this in youtube movies), because everything is gray and blury. No idea if there is some other trick I need todo to fix this, or if its something that is not intended.



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Starving causes loss of blood, loss of blood causes loss of color/clarity on your screen. this isn't a bug this is how it works. find a saline IV bag and someone friendly enough to give you the IV and you'll be right as rain

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If you eat and drink until you get Hydrated and Energized and you will start regenerating blood

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Ive seen people talk about energized and hydrated. How do i view this status? All information i know how to get is if im thirsty/hungry/bleeding. I have about 2 hours experience in this game.

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It shows up in the inventory screen next to your character:

You've seen the hungry and thirsty indicators? Well energized and hydrated are the mirror image of them, you get them when you're full of food and water. if you get them both in the light green, you'll start healing/become healthy

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No bug - grey screen is a symptom of blood loss, which was caused by starvation.