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I somhow slipped thoruhg a wall into a room and now cant get out
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I was walking along a wall in the airfield to the north west of the maps centre and slipped through a wall/door junction. I am now trapped in a room and cant get out. I dont want to respawn as I have lots of equipment, but I cant escape the room. Can you move my location back into the main corridor?


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Tried all kinds of walking and movement along the wall to get back out.

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Is there anything butted against the wall you're inside of like a bed or desk or locker? if so try getting a running start (back up and double tap W) and then try to vault at the object

This happened to my friend last night in the school building model.

There is nothing on the walls inside the room. I have tried running, jumping and all sorts at the false door that got me in there in the first place.

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Closing this issue as it has been reported a lot.

To get out try the following:
Walk over to a wall leading outside, stand right against it and vault. Exit the server during the animation and log back in, and you should be on the other side.

Video tutorial: