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Apparent heart attack on Firestation ladder.
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Shortly after the downtime this morning I logged back in and enjoyed running around looting Cherno on an empty server. After running around for several minutes I decided to climb the ladders on the west firestation about 3/4 the way up I stopped to light a cigarette IRL and out of nowhere got the "You are dead" screen. No one else in the area so I wasn't shot, body was still on the ladder so I didn't fall, I can only conclude that my heart couldn't take the strain anymore and exploded, or this is a bug.


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Sorry you got sniped.

impossible. There were 4 people on the server. Myself, two clan mates and a random, all other three were at Balota airfield, i checked my player list while i was climbing the first ladder to the roof

its the ladder bug it happened to a friend of mine

the most infuriating part was that after leaping from a building to get a kamy spawn, i ran to the still empty elecktro and could see my body no problem, but couldn't access any of my loot. SKS w/scope, 300 rounds of ammo, Magnum, all black kit, 6 saline bags, 3 epi pens, 3 morphine pens and 3 bags of rice GONE

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Not great loot, but I understand your grief!