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'Healing'/'Healthy' Status indicator is missing after having blood taken
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When a player is nourished enough to receive the 'Healing' or 'Healthy' status, and the player has blood taken from them (with a blood bag); the Healing/Healthy status is lost, and does not return until the status is lost and regained.

The player will still regenerate blood at the rate of their (now invisible) status), but there is no visual indicator as there should be.

I do not think this affects damage-based blood loss, but I can't be 100% certain.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Achieve the Healing or Healthy status (this is done by eating and drinking until the player's inventory screen displays Energized and Hydrated in dark or light green)
  2. A second player must use a blood bag on the player with the appropriate Healing/Healthy status
  3. Observe that the blood bag is filled properly
  4. Observe that the donor player experiences the graphical changes that come with blood loss (blurred vision/low color saturation)
  5. Observe that the donor player still has the Energized & Hydrated status indicators, yet no Healing or Healthy indicators
  6. Over the course of the next 5-10 minutes, the donor player should see that they are slowly regaining their color and vision (blood is regenerating), and there is still no indicator for it.
Additional Information

***NOTE: Kept receiving error inputting game version into that field. The full version is 0.35.115188

This is currently reproducible in Stable and Experimental. I believe this was introduced as early as the patch that introduced the new status indicators.

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Healing/Healthy refer to the player's Health, not Blood. If your blood is not full, you will not heal (regenerate Health) nor will you be healthy. Unless you meant that those statuses don't return once your blood has fully regenerated, then this is not a bug.

@AdrenalineRush26 You're absolutely right, I had things twisted up in my head. I'll be closing or deleting this issue shortly, whichever I can do.