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When putting weapon into hands, character automatically puts it away
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When you have a broken leg and are on the ground because of it (not by going prone, but by falling down when trying to walk because of a broken leg), if you try to equip a weapon (i only tried with the fnx) the character will automatically put it away.


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Break your leg, then equip a weapon

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Don't go onto the ground by going prone "z". You will be able to equip your gun then, you have to be on the ground because of your broken leg.

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I noticed this with pistols only. If I am prone and attempt to equip a pistol (I tried the FNX and the Magnum), the character will pull it out and then put it away. However, pulling out any other weapons works as intended.

Mitigation: Pull out a pistol in crouched or standing position before going prone to have a pistol equipped in prone position.

seen this issue just playing with a "normal" character. take weapon out then the character puts it back. but repeating the action works as intended

I've noticed it any time i've been on the ground. I attributed it to trying to pull a gun out of my pants pocket while laying on my stomach