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Desynced character stuck in place
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Characters can get desynced and stuck behind gates/walls. They still do all the animations the actual player is doing, but will remain stuck until the desynced player comes back to where other players see his stuck character.


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Can absolutely confirm this! Watched my girlfriend playing on one of the experimental servers today and she died 2 times extremely strange.

First of all we noticed the exact thing the OP said yesterday. While I was moving normally on my screen, my character was stuck in a wooden house, doing all the animations I was doing but without moving(my char was running against the wall inside the wooden house)on her screen.

Today she died very strange. Never noticed this stuff before. We think she got killed by other players both times. It was impossible to kill her where she was, so we guess that her character was stuck somewhere like we noticed the day before.
This issue started since the new 0.37 exp version, never had anything like that before.

Edit:Steps to reproduce Ok, when you close the door behind you too fast, it can happen that your character gets stuck behind the door, even if you are inside the building on your screen other players can see your character in front of the door running against it or doing the animations the player does. If the player who is stuck behind the door opening the doors again the character gets synched, also happened while moving around and getting stuck on fences and this stuff. Always had to move back and get the character back from being stuck.

It can be 5 minutes or maybe longer that your character is stuck in this position until you let yourself free :D(?).

Now we guess that my girlfriend got killed somewhere where her character was stuck(we think it was the barracks in Zelenogorsk), while she moved north to clear the city

Please help voting this up guys, so the devs can see.