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Gun's misfiring
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After yesterdays SKS use, I can now confirm that this bug occurs with every weapon, except perhaps the FNX45:

  1. When using any gun, be it pristine or worn (never had worse), the bullet will often break upon leaving the barrel. It is not actually a misfire. Instead the weapon fires and the sound is audibly heard by me, and the person I fire at, but rather than the bullet flying towards wherever I am aiming the bullet *hits* the air right in front of the gun. The bullet visibly looks as though it shatters on the tip of the barrel.
  2. No matter whether I use a bi-pod or not or all pristine add-ons, or none at all, this bug will occur. With no gun as often as with the Mosin for that matter. Just yesterday I lost 2 certain kills with an M4 and a Mosin as a result of this bug.

Please address this issue.

Thank you


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Pick up a gun
  2. Get into a few firefights and fire that bad boy
  3. Watch the bug hit you at usually the most inconvenient time ;)

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This is a problem with the hitboxes/collision with the terrain, and surely already has several bug reports out for it.