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Ladder bugs
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Several times me and mates will start climbing ladders, and just randomly fall off and die. Last instance was at NE air base climbing the ladder to the very top of the ATCT. I "pushed" past the railings and was plastered visually on the ground below, but my body glitched into the wall.


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Seems random, and this last instance was a few moments ago. Will continue to attempt to reproduce.

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This is no doubt an issue, but the work-around that has seemed to work for me is to make sure to holster any weapon or item in your hand before using a ladder. Going down a ladder with a weapon out almost always causes my character to vault first, and then if my character doesn't fall, he'll get on the ladder. Putting the weapon away seems to stop this.

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Happend me at the big apartment buildings. broke my legs, pretty annoying

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Please refer to the main ladder thread at #155