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Death in tenement_building_small
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Chapaevsk, tenement_building_small
I was at the very top of the stairs on the landing looking out of the window, kneeling left of it in the corner when all off a sudden, bottom left indicates

Your legs are broken
you are in pain
you are dead

there was no screen flicker and it was instant.

also whilst looking and looting these types of buildings, every one appears to have loot that is sinking into the environment, every one in the area has the same problem of loot sinkage. {F30408} {F30409}


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Just died again to the same issue, was looking out of a window in a large tower block and was killed, I was kneeling at the window looking out in 3rd person.

Both times it as happened in the hallways, both times in the kneeling in left hand corner of the window in 3rd person view.

Death screen shot attached