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"Logging in gonna play some Day- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT GOD AWFUL SOUND?!"
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Every now and again when I log into a sever I get a static/grinding/screeching/hercules beating people to death with a bag of cats sound that makes my ears bleed. only happens on log in (thank god)


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Dunxel added a subscriber: Dunxel.May 8 2016, 5:20 PM

Also my friend who logged in next to me hears it & i hear it from his TOON!

Wonder if is a sound file that is suppose to play to warn players you logged in the near by area but instead of a nice sound its a EAR BLEEDING SCREECHING STATIC!

mine does it during logging into game and logging into server added with the weapon loading sound

PvtRyan added a subscriber: PvtRyan.May 8 2016, 5:20 PM

Happens to me all the time.

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Had this happen 10-20 times, easily. Seemed random.

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It's the sound of a duplicated report with a very simple client side fix. Unload all your weapons before log out and when you log back in the static sound will be gone. Simply reload your weapons and be on your way.

Go one better, just take your weapons off of the hot bar, log in silently, put your weapons back on the hot bar, no need to reload.
Why give your position away to the bandits in the game...

Why does the hot bar need to reload the weapons after logging in?