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Inconsistent range of paintable items
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There are some items that can have its color changed, by dragging a spray paint can over them, and then there are alot of items that can't change color. The issue here is the inconsistent range of items that can have its item color changed in game. Currently the inconsistency is associated mainly with the M4 rifle in game, but one would expect a few other items to be assigned an alternate color as well by using a spray paint can in game.

This list is not exhaustive with regard to the M4:

  1. light gray stanag 30 rnd magazine and the light gray stanag coupled 30+30 rnd magazine
  2. the black M4 standard buttstock can't be painted
  3. the default/stock aiming part on the M4 can't be painted
  4. the black bipod for the M4 can't be painted

Presumably, to fix this inconsistency, additional game items that has the alternate color would probably have to be added to the game.

Being able to create a camoflague pattern when mixing black + green pain on mosin is a nice feature; a color variant for paintable items that would be nice on the M4 as well, if only for sake of consistency.

In line with this way of this rationale, the axe and fireaxe should be made paintable as well.

Ideally, a whole range of items ought to have the same range of color variance, given the possibility of using spray paint cans to "recolor" items.


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I would imagine the issue is the models not being in the game. you'd have to model a camo M4, green stanags, green coupleds etc

I do want a camo SKS though that would be sweeet :D

Grumpy added a subscriber: Grumpy.May 8 2016, 5:20 PM

No need to model anything from what I can tell. One would simply change the texture file(s) and associate the new texture(s) with a new instance of some existing 3d model.

Never thought about that. Takes me back to the days of CS:S and skinning guns haha