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Friendly Fire
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Sometimes our friend can kill us in action. I think we seem a player we can show his name or we can show on side a green light or somethink. It is really big problem.


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Hmm... i think as it is now its need on the reality and better.
In the reality you also have no green light or name above him.

I think having no indication is part of the game. You have to decide: "do I shoot or not?" Although it would be nice to be able to paint markings on your clothes.

An indication for the players would kill this game and the feeling.

Friendly fire also. Shoot better, like this you do not kill your friends.

Friendly fire would mean that there would be some idiot kids shooting all the time around everything and everyone.

I think it's good the way it is now. Although I agree we should be able to mark clothes in hard to duplicate ways. with only a select few clothing items/weapons it's not hard to imagine two people both wearing TTsKO pants/jacket carrying a green mtn backpack running around with M4s in the same area

Don't be a spray-n-pray. In reality you have to watch where your shooting so why not the game? And if you don't know what your buddy looks like after you've been traveling with him, then you should just run solo.