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Shot by an Ass?ole, when trying to help them
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There I was strolling through the streets of Cherno, a backpack full of bullets and gear, camouflaged Mosin on my shoulder and a fully equipped M4 in my hands. It was a good day. The sun was out, the birds were twittering and my halo was shining brightly.

Wait, what was that? A shout for help coming from the hospital? I ran to help (being careful not to trip on my shiny halo) and discovered some poor soul crawling around with a zombie on his back and a broken leg.

Without a moments hesitation, I shot the zombie with my trusty M4: dah, dah, dah, then bent over to see if the victim was OK.. " are you OK dude? can I help?" I was reaching down to give him my bundle of sticks so that he could splint his leg, when from behind ....DAH, DAH, DAH.... and all goes blank. "You Are Dead"

I was shot by the ass*ole buddy of the guy I was trying to help. pfft.

I am leaving DAYZ: this is the last in a long line of stupid KOS actions by the kids on all DAYZ servers. The pointlessness of the gameplay at the moment is obvious to all.... "what can you do when you have a gun.... go shoot everyone else"

The game at the moment has no point.... gear up, then either kill or be killed.... *yawn* I can go to COD for that (except I don´t waste 2 hours getting my gear before I get shot..... *yawn* There is no survival aspect at all....

I shall wait until full release before bothering to play this again.... I know this is pre Alpha, but we are am bored now.... I wanted this to be so good... I wanted thousands of us playing at once... but after only two weeks of sporadic gameplay I cant bring myself to play again.


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Join a server, play like a hero helping others, picking flowers and shining halo, get geared up, play a bit longer, get shot by some punk ass*ole.

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My noobish opinion, some kind of malus (i.e. altered status) should be applied to random shooters

Also, some kind of (altered status) for cry babies.

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Dickydan is a fitting name. You're seriously complaining that someone killed you? In DayZ? Without warning? And then you go on to complain about how an ALPHA doesn't have much to do in it? 10/10 Jimmies Rustled.

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this is laughable. head on back over to COD kiddie

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Steps to reproduce? LOL

  1. Play DayZ

LOL..... classic a??hole response from numptys playing DAYZ.

The comedic approach used in the original post simply overlooked by the dickwads that replied. Perhaps this is a microcosm of the game itself. If its not in yer face LOUD and garish it is dismissed as being useless.


Maxyz added a comment.Feb 25 2014, 8:39 PM

You suck at comedy.

You were foolish enough to stop and help someone in a major PVP hotspot by yourself. You deserved to be shot.