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Sidearm glitch
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Just two sidearm graphic glitch i encountered nothing severe. dont know if someone already reported, found nothing in search.

Glitch one: when crawling down or up the stairs with/without broken legs with a sidearm wielded, the arm become distorted
Glitch two: refer to screenshot, {F30389}


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Glitch one: just hold a sidearm and crawl down or up the stairs and see the right arm become distorted. (dunno if its only for my computer)

Glitch Two: with all the inventory full hold a sidearm(mine was F45) and go to the ocean(mine was near cherno). when going deep enough the character drops the current holding sidearm and drops it on the floor. then just loot the dropped sidearm and the gun sticks to the right hand as if the character isnt holding anything. when reaching ground the character will run as if it has no sidearm.
the screenshot shows how weird the character holds the pistol

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yah some times the arms glitch out and are in ur sights to