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Character Takes Damage Every Time I Join a Server
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About 5 seconds after joining a new server, or logging in after being out of game, my character's screen goes red, and he vocalizes taking damage. This happens regardless of where he is (inside or outside) and happens every time I join game. My status says "Healthy", and I am not sick, wounded, or otherwise hurt.


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Log in, damage vocalizations/visuals occur every time.

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Confirming to be a bug:

When joining a sever (Maybe after being hurt before!) even though at full health, character makes the "Ouch" sound and the screen flashes red. This is not a severe bug, as damage is not actually aplied to said character.

Tested after getting "Healthy" status and re-logging, sound and visual displays, stats not lost/changed.

You've most likely just broken a bone or are in pain, use a morphine auto injector and it should stop.

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^ as stated above, you do not get damaged only that you have a broken bone.