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Glitch through to inaccessible areas and cant get out.
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Was running through Elektro on an empty server and ran into the first floor of the school house. As I was running through a hallway the game lagged and my character glitched through the wall and into one of the rooms that you cant access, sealed doors. All the walls are solid and I can't find a way to get back out. Zombies wont attack you. Other players cant hit/see you and you can hit/shoot out. Your just stuck and there's no way of killing the character in this glitch. {F30382}


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Don't know how it happened. Just a lag spike glitch.

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actually i have this happen a zombie hit me into the room i had to get pushed out of the room by the zombie.. also seems like part of the hospital roof has same issue in one part near the ledge u fall through the building

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Yeah that's happened with me in terms of the zombie pushing you in then out. But the issue is that the zombies dont recognize that I'm there. One ran into the room like it was going to come after me then stopped as soon as it went through the wall and just stood there.

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if you're still stuck there try this:

to get out.

Happened to me like this:
nearby a factory/barn I went up a construction ladder and fell between ladder and building,
just happened once, but was ennoying, because I couldn't get out!

And thanks to "sheLLHD" for the well done youtube-video, the explanation there was also very nice :)

I got this in a couple of buildings. The best way to get out is to walk against the wall you want to go through, press "V" to initiate the vault animation, exit the server before the animation ends and reenter. It may show a spawning page, just wait for it to load and you should be out of the wall.

Ive done this a couple of times and its worked, also ive never died from it so ++ :P


Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case you still need help getting unstuck, just send me a pm with your Steam ID url, and I'll help you sort this out. Example: ""

Also, please let me know if your character is on a Regular/Hardcore server.

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Hello again,

Closing issue due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.