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Weapon flashlights do not turn on
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I have not been able to turn on a weapon flashlight, at night, and equipped with a charged battery. So far the only condition I have been able to find the M4 flashlight and the .45 flashlight in is damaged or badly damaged so I don't know if condition has anything to do with it, but so far, no lights.


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attach flashlight to rail on M4 or .45, lick battery to ensure charge, equip battery to desired light, go to night time server (or a server where it is night), turn on light, brandish weapon, there should be no light.

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Try attaching a battery, I did and then there was light!

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I did attach a battery to it, the first 50 times I tried, never light.
It was also at night too.

If it's damaged, it'll break. They're pretty sensitive.

yeah they both work for me but i had pristine i believe