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Players are hacking the game
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players can be invisible all the time, i was killed once for "nothing" once, i did not know what happened, but this time, me and my friend were at the hospital in Elektrozavodsk, we were in the third or fourth floor, my friend started to bleed from nothing, we entered the building, closed the door, my friend used a bandage, stopped bleeding and started again right away, then my friend dropped his weapon by misstake, it dissapeared, and the insvisible player started shooting at us, just right to us, my friend pressed "escape" and he could now see the attacker he was a player and he was right to us killing us, invisible...
this is unfair, please do something


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hadn't seen this one yet but it would explain an odd occurance I had the other day, also in electro, guy gunned down a clansmen on the road east of electro, 6 or 7 of us rolled out from the city to where he died, I got eyes on the guy next to a house he stood still for a second then vanished, we figured he combat logged like a coward when he saw he was out numbered and then all of a sudden another guy goes down, then another, we all pile back to back in the street and the guy just magically appears, shoots into the crowd, then vanished again into thin air. deffinantly not normal.

I was not there when it happened, but a friend told me that him and a few others were in a room in a house in Elektro and they all started getting punched from what they assumed was an invisible player.

I can confirm there is invisible players as i have been shot in a place were you would need to be there to shot me and there was no time for them to log in and then shoot all i did was lay down and bang shot dead in an instant so they were invisible as i did not see them when i laid down i had looked all around me and as there was only one way in what i was watching they had to be invisible and already there

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Yea I can confirm this too. Which is why I opened another report. Cuz it happened alot on my server and you as admin cant figure out who the hell is hacking.

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Well they ain't hackers they just glitch through the wall. As long as they don't use a third party software their not hacking and can't be detected by battleye. They are just glitching inside the wall and shoot at you

lol they deleted my comment, good job BI, we still have reddit, facebook, and tons of ways to communicate ourself, dont worry ppl will know about you and Dayz sheets...

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Please refer to the main hacker / cheater thread at #8589