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Tent city still devoid of loot!
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Thought this was fixed but after 3 weeks of being alive (new personal best!) I was forced to raid the NW airfield to resupply on ammo only to find the tent city was empty of any loot whatsoever. Normally I would have blamed other looters but the server reset while I was in a tent and when I rejoined, still nothing in any of the tents. Please fix!


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At the NWAF there is still one place near the tents where two kind of items spawn. It's the kind of camouflaged hut outside of the tent area near a gate. It's called a fort_watchtower. it's the red square from the top.

Yeah i've gotten a LRS and vests from there before but back when the game first came out you could get items in every tent, be it clothing, weapon parts, handguns etc

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0007451: Loot from military tents is missing.

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