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sprint through walls
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i have noticed that sprinting into walls will let you pass through them (it also works on fences) it is not all walls and its not all the time but this has lead to my character getting stuck in rooms without a door to get out of said room, it has also lead to falling to my death from accidental sprinting in higher stories or through the wall of the ship (even landing in the water results in death)


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its a random glitch

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Confirmed. This killed my buddy twice one night.

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Yep, happens all the time when Im trying to run away from people. I've ran through fences, doors, even walls. This is also how people glitch through the walls in buildings and get in inaccessible rooms.

*seems to happen more when my frame rate isn't so good.

Hello stfail,

This issue should already have been fixed. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to submit new tickets for the specific walls/spots where it is possible.