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Break legs in water, can crawl on the bottom of the sea, Die without Respawn button
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I tried to suicide and sometimes i die instantly by jumping into the water from a height, or just break my legs. If I break my legs, I can roll around on the bottom of the sea, I die after a short time and the respawn button stays unclickable. Same for relogging, I am alive after relogging but die after a few seconds.


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Break Legs in Water, roll around to deeper water

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Especially at the spawn under Solnichy were a Green house is placed seperatly, a Beige house and then a pier where I suicide.

And it is VERY annoying since the 5 minute timer I can't just relog since I have to wait 5 minutes to make a small progress towards the coast again.

WARNING: It's actually the Experimental Branch 0.36.115535 But because this Feedback tracker is bugged as well, it won't let me enter it.

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