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[Suggestions] For a modified Spawning System in DayZ
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The Problem and why I suggest this:

The last 3 weeks I played this game many hours
(80h+) with 2 of my friends on full servers
(about 38 players). During this time we had
many problems with the spawning system.

Other players who spawned next to us (or behind us)
killed me 2 times and my friends 3 times. We also
had to kill many other players who spawned in front

of us with weapons !!

I think, if a player can spawn next to you, without
any notification or message is an design error
in this game !!

  1. I think the player who is spawning into the map,

should get a message or a notification that an other
Players is standing next to him.

  1. Also players should get a notification, if an

other player spawns into the map next to you.

Distance: Perhaps a 20m+ Radius


My suggested feature would give both sides,
a small chance perhaps to hide behind walls,
or to escape the dangerous situation.

The notification should be highlighted very
strong, so any player can recognize that
there is a dangerous situation. Perhaps with
a sound, or a red colored message text
before spawning into the map.

The feature I suggest would give players a
fair chance to fight each other with weapons.

My Solution to this Problem:

Look at the Screenshot I made ... first the
players we had to kill.

I made a UML Activity Chart for the developers.

Please vote for my Suggestion ;)=

Thanks ... skymuss
{F30360} {F30361} {F30362}


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today I had the same problem, I spawned near a military base, no notification, and a player killed me from behind.