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Character get's randomly reset and spawn in ocean.
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Recently, my character has been getting reset quite often.

  • I am joining an official server
  • I am joining the same server
  • I am properly logging off when I play, there is no combat logging or alt+f4'ing going on
  • I am not hacking
  • I know this is an alpha
  • I did not change any settings
  • I'm not on a Private hive
  • My ping was 28, so nothing about ping lag/errors
  • Server did not have the red chain
  • I did not die

When I get reset, the server tells me to 'please wait' longer than normal and when I wait long enough, I am unconscious and when I press the escape key, I can see very dimly that I'm in the middle of the ocean, the land is very far away. The way I get around this is by pressing respawn, as that does not always work either, I press respawn so my character dies and then I leave the server and continue to join another or the same one, and sometimes the same thing happens, other times I do spawn at the coast, no gear. (The ocean bit doesn't always happen, however still get reset).


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Just play and see what happens, I guess :)

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I have the same. Now my character is unconscious and naked in main menu.

Exactly, sucks when you're totally geared too haha :)


Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case you're still experiencing this problem, just send me a pm with your Steam ID url, and I'll look into it. Example: ""

Also, please let me know if your character is on a Regular/Hardcore server.

In order to send a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".



Hello again,

Closing issue due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.