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M4 weapon mods flicker...
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The customizable weapon parts for the M4 will flicker, disappearing and reappearing rapidly, while running around and or looking around.

Specifically, these parts are the standard forgrip, iron sight/carry handle, and 30 rnd. magazine.


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It hasn't stopped. Always does it.

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Video card is a radeon HD 6970 with current drivers.

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I confirm that. My video is GeForce GTX 660.

Confirmed bug in Stable and Exp. - GTX 760 @ Geforce 334.89

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Confirmed, GTX 560 Ti

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I confirm this in 0.35

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This is a duplicate of a previously reported issue.

The original report can be found at #16: Weapon attachments become invisible

Please vote on the issue to increase visibility, and add any extra information in the notes.


Confirmed GTX 660ti, also with mosin.

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Confirmed, just with a mosin, with a compensator and PU-scope, Radeon 7970HD lightning BE (boost edition), in 035115188

Gwanchi added a subscriber: Gwanchi.May 8 2016, 5:15 PM

Confirmed with mosin on all attachments it seems to happen in certain areas so walking back a few steps can make it stop from what i've seen Radeon HD 6490M