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getting pushed through wall in new police station
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i walk inside the first room left of the stairs, on the ground floor, in the new police station, in zelenogorsk. get wedged between the left wall and the placed chair. character gets pushed through the wall into the second room on the left of the stairs. {F30345}


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walk into the new police station building. face the staircase on the ground level. walk into the first room to the left of the stairs (the one with the backroom). keep to the left wall and walk to the chairs on the left. the right angle will push you into the second room, through the wall.

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i recorded it and put it on youtube here

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Same problem here. You can walk through the walls in every building. Just need to get fps drop, but I think where is many ways to do it. Today some bandits killed me because of this bug. Please fix this bug.

attached picture by someone else: similar outcome, different reason.
@Zmogus. there is just not enough space for a player between the chair and the wall. probably possible without fps issues. linked video captures that pretty good, imo.

That picture is mine, but problem is the same. I have seen some bandits using this to kill people. By my way I just max out graphics then I have fps drop and finally get lagging, starting running by the wall. Thats all.

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Had this issue today for the first time. Glitched from room 2 to room 1 and from room three out of the policestation. somehow weird. Happened in Krasnostav. As it is on ground level I did not get injured.
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