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[Suggestion] add negative effects of masks, hats, helmets, etc.
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At present there are none of any disadvantages of wearing helmet, gas mask or etc. And everyone wearing it which looks unrealistic and stupid. But in the real life wearing even a wool cap affects your hearing much less wearing a gas mask which affects hearing and sight booth.
I suggest to add negative effects of wearing this stuff, such as weather effects (snow, dirt, water drops, sweating on the glass), combat effects (blood drops, glass cracks, soot, any other liquids on the glass), reduced hearing, reduced field of view, reduced endurance (when wearing gas mask or etc.), overheating, impossibility of eating and drinking, reduced and changed voice sound.


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Put on a mask, hat, helmet or etc.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 5:14 PM

this is a horrible Idea this game is already Immersive enough there is no reason to make it more so if you need more realism than what the game already provides go outside and deal with people in the real world. the graphics are great it is super immersive but the gameplay sux and you cannot kill anyone.

app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 5:14 PM

with the audio loudness negative effects it might get tricky, people are going to be talking to other people never knowing if they can hear them or not. unless is minimal and adds interior/exterior reverb for the masks.

Ashoo added a subscriber: Ashoo.May 8 2016, 5:14 PM

good idea, more realism = better game

@Gunnersbane, I partly agree. The game shouldn't be too realisitc, because realism can improve game play experience, but realism can also discount fun.

But I agree that generally gear should allways effect the player in both positive and negative ways, because (normally) there is nothing which has only good or only bad sides. Otherwise, nobody would use the "bad" stuff and it would just bloat the game senselessly.

And masks should effect you at least in your endurance, because if you have/had been in the army, you should/would know how hard it is to breath with a gas mask, even when running just a few hundred meters.