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Damaged dressing material in pristine medkit
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The usual interior of a medkit consists of two bandages. At least one of them is in a worse condition than the other. Logically, a pristine medkit at start should not have damaged parts in it.


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Find unused pristine medkit and see for yourself.

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If they do spawn like this, it is a problem.

However, I usually swap out damaged bandages and other medical stuff from a pristine medkit if I found another one before, so it is possible that someone did that with the medkit you found. are you sure you where the first one to get to it?

I upvotet to check if this is really a problem.

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It is with every pristine medkit so far. I've found plenty to mention it on here. It's not only the bandages but the blood bag as well.

To me it's more of a logical problem rather than a concern for gameplay.

Same here. Just thought that some stuff might have been swaped, but if you found multiple like this, it should be fixed.

Seems only right to have pristine medical stuff in pristine medkit.

Edit: who downvotes this? I mean without reasoning?