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Issue Catagory: Screen Resolution
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Can I reproduce the Issue?

What OS are you using?
Windows 7 SP1

Description of Issue:
When in combat with a zombie, every time I get melee'd, my resolution goes to a lower quality. To work around this, all I have to do is go to configure, then video and close out, and all settings are instantly restored.

Additional Info:
HD Radeon 7777 Video card. Friend using Nvidia GTX560TI can reproduce also.


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Steps To Reproduce

Get melee'd by a zombie. To fix go into settings, video and it will automatically fix it then just close out of the menu.

Additional Information

HD Radeon 7777 Video card. Friend using Nvidia GTX560TI can reproduce also.

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Are you sure your resolution is actually going down?

You get a blur post-process effect on low health. There's a bug currently that allows it to be removed just by going into the video settings.

My apologies. That is exactly what is happening. I must have missed that bug. Sorry for the misinformed report

Can confirm, also happens on log-in for me, even on a freshspawn.