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[SUGGESTION] The option of Suicide should be available
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Whatever Happens to you, you are always bound to your current character. When you manage to brake your legs by falling 2m in the deepest forests, or glitch into a building that you could normally not enter, you can do absolutley nothing but waiting for your character to die. Wich takes a long time. And Sucks. In this Situations it should be possible to restart, since you are not able to do anything anyway.


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Have some balls and deal with it

I have found that switching your weapons while stuck inside a building will get you out, you have to be running to the wall you got stuck in and then use the hotbar while running, I have never died in a building stuck

If you have a loaded gun or a knife, I'd say yes.

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After adding more zombies you can always find one to kill you ;-)
I'm against as well.

Lost in the middle of nowhere bleeding and starving but not dying. I'm running and running and running and running and running... frustrating, boring. No loot in towns. I think playing this game should make fun, i want to enjoy playing... not running around with no chance of advancing.

If you have a loaded gun or knife like Quazoosl said. Otherwise the ability to respawn will be abused for better spawn points like it was in the mod.

No, suicide is for wimps.

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Yeah, this is a SURVIVAL game. Not a chicken-out game. Tho I guess there's nothing wrong with Quazoosls suggestion to do it when you have a gun or a knife (harakiri style only tho, no wrist slitting please!)

Doesn't matter. You should be able to take the cheap way out if you have the ability. That's true realism for you.

Realism is not to just kill yourself and start over if you're in a bad situation.

Realism is to try to make the best of your situation.

Realism (or better said reality) is unfair. If somebody is in a better situation than you, that's simply bad luck for you. Same goes the other way round.

Realism is not having a choice on certain things, like the place you were born (or location you spawn at) and dealing with it.

This is not BF, CoD or CS. So don't expect anything close or even comparable.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0004938: ATM a lot of glitches. We need a Suicide option.

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