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Items quality degrading to ruined after falling and going through water
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I noticed that when you've ran through a pond your items quality drops significantly. This makes sense for some items but not for stuff already inside containers (canned food, vitamins etc etc.). I can't quite remember anymore which stuff was ruined and what wasn't but anyhow rags getting ruined is fine by me but vitamins in a sealed plastic bottle is a bit weird.

Also when I managed to fall off (on purpose for a change) the second floor at a barn and later discovered my body everything was ruined including all food items, rags, sewing kit, jeans...maybe it's just me but I don't think cloth takes damage when falling 2 least not the piece of rags in your pocket.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. find stuff
  2. find a pond, sea (shouldn't be too difficult) or lake
  3. go for a dip
  4. see what happens
  1. dive off a building
  2. try to find your body (or have a "friendly" have a look at the stuff)
  3. see what happens
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Not sure if all items are affected by either one of these events

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I found it unrealistic that my rags take fall damage and are unusable, while Pipsi Cola Cans were still intact...