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Revived player, able to move, whilst unable to see, and dying upon relog
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So a friend got shot, I bandaged him, gave him some food and drinks, and after obtaining a defibrilator, I used it on him and got the messadge "You have sucsessfully revived Sonther". And from that moment he was able to move about, but he was not aware of this because his screen was still showing "You are unconcious". Me and two other friends were able to move him to a safe location (By telling him move right/left) and all of us saw the same movements. Yet when he logged back into the server, I saw him sit up, then dissapear and he got the messadge "You are dead.". The Defib was badly damadged, but I still got the messadge "You have sucsessfully revived Sonther". So I don't know if this is a factor.


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Try reviving an uncouncious player.

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