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Bunk beds break legs
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Wandering I was, lost and lonely as a cloud, when I happened upon the military base with the big tower (green mountain?). Aha! thought I, plunging forth for loot. Anyway, betwixt the bunk beds I delved, hoping to pick up the magazines spawned on the bottom bunk, when I heard my character groan and then saw him collapse. Broken legs, although there's no status on the character screen. My chap then had some issues trying to crawl down the stairs, sticking into a looped animation on the bottom few, being unable to go from the stair to the level floor. Morphine-less, I now need to crawl somewhere to die.

Love the game by the way, in a super state given it's alpha.


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I suppose you could try crouching between bunk beds. I have done this quite a few times, and it's only broken my legs once. That's quite enough, mind you, as it's a fair mince back to somewhere with morphine.

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You're all doing a splendid job, but I would be terribly grateful if characters legs were somewhat more robust.

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I also just had my leg break at the bunk beds in green mountain.

As you enter the room on the second floor of the military building, there's a single bunk bed on the right hand side. I walked in the room and knelt beside the bunk bed to collect a clip from the lower bunk when my leg broke.

Luckily I had a two morphine on me. One was ruined and the other let me walk out. Boots and pants ruined all the gear in them ruined.

I also had my leg break previously when I was on the second floor walkway of an industrial barn. When I bandaged my character fell through the floor.

Hello bifi,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Merging with ticket #5169