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When switching between primary weapons (in hands and holstered) using number hotkeys weapon in hands drops on ground
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When carrying two primary weapons (ie. a Mosin in your hands and a M4A1 holstered on your back), the weapon in character's hands drops on the ground if you use an assigned hotkey number to switch to the weapon holster on the character's back.

This complicates gameplay and results (multiple times for myself in the long pursuit to simultaneous possess both a customized M4 and a Mosin with pristine longrange scope) in the loss of painstakingly attained M4's with prisitine ACOG sites when servers randomly restart in the middle of switching between primary weapons with assigned number hotkeys.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Holster a primary or two-handed weapon (M4A1, Mosin, SKS, Unsawed Shotgun, etc.) on your character's back and assign it to a number hotkey (ie. '1').
  1. Take a second primary or two handed weapon into your character's hands and assign it to a number hotkey (ie. '2').
  1. Press the assigned number hotkey of the weapon holstered on your character's back and watch as the weapon in your hands drops on the ground (or is lost in some stairs or tree branches or swallowed by a server restart) as the holstered weapon is drawn.
Additional Information

This could be remedied by having the primary weapon in hands go directly to the holstered position if the player switches to a holstered primary weapon using the number hotkeys. In the inventory screen

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this is not a bug, you can't put a gun on the same shoulder that you take a gun from, think about it, even try it, it is impossible.

I agree with GungZa. This is not a bug. It is a feature. Perhaps we could be able to put a primary weapon in a backpack like the old days. But that has been removed on purpose. If it returned, the primary should take like 20 slots or something.