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Stood up and fell through crows my death.
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There's a crows nest/sniper tower in the wooded outskirts (north-east i think) of zelenogursk. I climbed up in it, crouched down, then stood up and fell out of it to my death.

So f'ing frustrating spent all day playing, had an sks with a scope, ton of food, character was healthy...yadda yadda...sigh. Really wish these building glitches could be addressed.


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I'm not doing it

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Also had this happen to me on a balcony.

For the steps to reporduce:

  • Crouch somewhere narrow between a wall and a railing
  • Stand up (in my case i was looking towards the wall)

-> The Character will be pushed through the railing and then fall.

Didn't try yet if it is always reproducible.

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I think this is a duplicate with #8044

Seems similar but not exactly the same, might be related to w/e that glitch is.

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Not related to #8044. With that issue they just died lying on the top - here their character was pushed out of the structure and died from the fall.

happened to my at Balota Airfield in one of the small green towers. climbed to the top. glitched out the side and fell to my death. Real bummer.