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Weapon duping
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It's possible to dupe guns with another player.


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It's possible to carry 2 rifles a the same time by putting one of them on the back and the other one in your hands(you need to scroll and choose "Take gun in hands" and have the other gun on your back). If the player that has 2 guns log out, the gun that he was holding in his hand will be dropped on the ground. Other players can then pick it up. The player who dropped the gun will keep it in the inventory, when he log back in. The gun won't appear on the player on the back or in the hands, but in the inventory by scrolling down.
I have only done this with "bigger" guns like th M4 or Mosin, but not with any pistols.

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I noticed this the other day too.

I can verify:

  • You can hold two rifles as described
  • When you log off while holding a second rifle, you keep it when you log back in

I have not personally looked for a dropped item, so I cannot verify that a duped item is dropped.

Also, the second time I relogged with the same two guns (one in hand), the gun in hand disappeared. This might not reproduce 100% of the time.

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Yeah, the gun dissapears from the hands, but it's still in the inventory if you scroll down under your backpack.

Can you repeat this? I think it was resolved.

I have experienced this behavior in the latest version.

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This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to #8153 for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.