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Drinking soda from ground places blank soda icon on hot bar
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When you drink soda that isn't in your inventory (from the environment), it creates a hot bar icon for it which becomes empty (see screenshot) when the can automatically drops after the drinking animation finishes. {F30292}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Tab view while looking at a soda,
  2. Right click soda in menu and select "drink", note: you never actually place the soda in your inventory or hot bar

BUG: Character drinks and disposes soda, but a icon for the missing soda can appears on the hot bar (must be manually deleted from inventory).

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Also it makes a %0 clone in your backpack but you can't see it until you log out and log in.

@DarkOrion11 I had noticed that too! But I hadn't realized it was the same issue. I was going to file a second report when I had more information on it. I find that issue can be worked around by dropping the bag on the floor and picking it up again.

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yes i have also experienced the invisible item with 0% that appears after relogging. also happens with food.

ps: also happens when you consume things from the ground via action menu.